Softon Speck-A, B

This filter creates a soft image by having a random pattern of little droplets

Softon Speck-A, B

Offering a softening effect based on a specially treated glass surface, this filter should preferably be used with medium telephoto lenses and near-open apertures. Types A and B are available, type A, which offers a gentler (weak) effect, and type B, which delivers a more dramatic (strong) effect.

Filter Size (mm) :

Softon Speck-A, B
Softon Speck-A, B image Softon Speck-A, B image 01

The above is a comparison of the effects of general soft filters. Use this only as a reference, however, because the actual effect of each filter varies according to the focal distance of the lens and other conditions.

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Category: Soft Effects



Filter adds soft effects on your photograph without affecting sharpness.

Digital Film

PRO1D Pro Softon-A(W)

It's coated digital multi coat and designed a slim frame

Digital Film

MC PRO Softon-B for digital cameras / camcorders

Clear focus and soft gradation

Digital Film

Center Image

It creates a soften-ing effect around the periphery

Digital Film

Low Contrast No.1

This filter is ideal for shooting a backlit subject in fine weather

Digital Film

Black Mist No.1

This filter creates a softening effect but doesn’t make the image turn whitish