MC PRO Softon-B for digital cameras / camcorders

Clear focus and soft gradation

MC PRO Softon-B for digital cameras / camcorders

A smooth glass surface creates a softening effect. This filter can be used in various applications without limiting the focal distance or aperture. Only type B is available.
Type B means to deliver a more dramatic (strong) effect.

Filter Size (mm) :

MC PRO Softon-B for digital cameras / camcorders

These filters are affordably priced, but they have multiple coats on both sides to achieve a filter transparency of approximately 98%. The MC series consists of basic lens-protection filters such as Protector, UV and 1B Skylight. Despite their reasonable prices, MC filters use quality materials for the glass and filter frame so that reflection on the lens isn’t interfered with.

The above is a comparison of the effects of general soft filters. Use this only as a reference, however, because the actual effect of each filter varies according to the focal distance of the lens and other conditions.

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Series: MC