MC Close-Up Lens No.05 f2,000

Close-Up Lens for telephoto Lens

MC Close-Up Lens No.05 f2,000

Close up Lens for Telephoto lens, shortest focus distance in 2 to 3m


The best close-up lens for telephoto zoom lens with shortest focus distance is around 2m. 

There is no effect on the wide angle lens and Macro Lens.


f2,000mm represents the focal length of the close-up lens itself.

When attached on the lens to further closer to the subject in that feeding the working distance about 2m next, distance scale at the time of ∞ (infinity). (When the shortest about 1m / distance scale 2m)


Lens construction: Single lens element

Focal length: 2,000mm

Name : 72S MC C-UP No.05   Size : 72mm Dioptrie : +0.5 UPC : 4961607372005
MC Close-Up Lens No.05 f2,000

These filters are affordably priced, but they have multiple coats on both sides to achieve a filter transparency of approximately 98%. The MC series consists of basic lens-protection filters such as Protector, UV and 1B Skylight. Despite their reasonable prices, MC filters use quality materials for the glass and filter frame so that reflection on the lens isn’t interfered with.

Category: Close-up Lens

MC Close-Up Lens No.05 f2,000

Close-Up Lens for telephoto Lens

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