SKYMEMO T Portable Tracking Platform

Ultra lightweight and portable tracking platform with easy operations directly from your smartphone.

SKYMEMO T Portable Tracking Platform NEW


SKYMEMO T is a compact and super lightweight tracking platform that can be easily maneuvered from your smartphone by simply downloading “SKYMEMO T” app.
SKYMEMO T comes with a polar axis and bright-field illumination devices that makes possible to precisely adjust the polar axis alignment.

You can also check the position of the Polaris star directly on your smartphone and therefore align the polar axis accordingly.
With SKYMEMO T portable tracking platform, astrophotography and time-lapse shooting become easier and more convenient.

You can download SKYMEMO T app for free on:

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Available in black, silver and red color.

Black JAN Code 4961607465998
Silver JAN Code 4961607466001
Red JAN Code 4961607465981
SKYMEMO T Portable Tracking Platform
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Whats new
Compared to other tracking platforms, with SKYMEMO T portable tracking platform you can control  stars and constellations tracking directly from your smartphone.

By simply downloading SKYMEMO T app on your phone for free, you can directly maneuver SKYMEMO T operations from your smartphone.

Screenshot_2017-09-04-16-03-40.jpegChoose the tracking mode
SKYMEMO T is equipped with general 5 tracking modes. Besides “Sidereal” shooting mode, these other modes prove to be particularly helpful during solar and lunar eclipses.

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Suitable for star-scape photography
SKYMEMO T is equipped with a “0.5x tracking mode” particularly suitable in star-scape photography, when you want to insert in your photos both the on ground horizontal line and the starry sky above. This tracking mode allows smooth and slow tracking speed that will prevent ground scape from shifting.

Interval time built-in function
By connecting SKYMEMO T and a DSLR camera with a shutter cable (not included), you can shoot at regular intervals and therefore perform interval shooting while tracking.

Time laps built-in function
SKYMEMO T is also equipped with a time-lapse mode for time-lapse shooting.


Polar axis telescope included
The most important thing to take in consideration with equatorial mounts is the polar axis setting. SKYMEMO T comes with an attachable polar axis telescope, that make it possible to accurately align the equatorial telescope with the polar axis. In addition, a bright field illumination feature will support polar axis alignment.

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AA type alkaline battery for power supply
Kenko SKYMEMO T makes use of 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included) for power supply. It can be used continuously for about 24 hours.

4961607465981_battery_a.jpg 4961607465981_battery_b.jpg

(Under temperature at 20 degrees, “Sidereal” tracking mode, alkaline dry battery and standard use)

System chart

Skymemo T System Chart English.jpg

Tracking rate
(tracking mode)
Loadable weight Approx. 3 Kg (components and weight included)
Worm wheels 72 pcs.(36mm diameter) in aluminum alloy
Worm gears 11mm diameter gears in high strength brass
Motor Built-in Encoder DC Servo Motor (Right Ascension Axis only)
Polar axis “One star” system date and time setting with precession correction scale (2012-2032)- 4-stars patter in the polar scope ( corresponding to the southern constellation “Octans”) can be used to align the mount to the south celestial pole - 7 degrees of actual visibility
Power supply used (recommended) 2x AA type alkaline batteries (not included)
Continuous use time Approximately 24 hours (with temperature at 20 degrees, sidereal time drive system, alkaline dry battery)
Dimensions/Weight 76mm ×70mm ×103mm/approx. 650g
Tripod mounting screw U3/8 camera female screw (U1/4 conversion adapter included)
Short plate U1/4 camera male screw compatible with SkyExplorer
Polar scope illuminator device ON/OFF switch, brightness adjustment function
SKYMEMO T app Suitable for Android (from 4.03 version on) and OS (from iOS 8 version on)
Note: SKYMEMO T functions can be operated through SKYMEMO T app only. Therefore, please check and confirm that the application is available and usable with your smartphone before purchasing SKYMEMO T.

SKYMEMO T functions and operations require the use of a smartphone or tablet in conjunction with Wi-Fi connection.
Before purchasing it, please make sure you have a smartphone or tablet.

To fix the Wi-Fi setting of SKYMEMO T at default setting:
Press and hold the power button (about 4 seconds) and turn off the power.
Press and hold the power button until the power LED indicator flashes slowly (about 10 seconds)

This will reset to initial setting


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SKYMEMO T Portable Tracking Platform

Ultra lightweight and portable tracking platform with easy operations directly from your smartphone.


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