ultraVIEW EX OP 10X32W DH II

Ultra-lightweight and superior optical performances.

ultraVIEW EX OP 10X32W DH II

Ultra-lightweight, superior optical performances, durability and shock resistance define these premium roof prism binoculars. Ergonomically designed and weighting only 470g/1.03 lb, these ultra-lightweight waterproof binoculars are made as comfortable to carry as they are to hold.
With its reinforced lightweight plastic body and waterproof features, this model can be used in the outdoor fields without worries.
A wide view for those birdwatching enthusiasts who won’t miss the smallest, fleeing bird.

JAN Code: 496107002896

  • Large and easy to use focus ring
  • Durable die-cast aluminum body
  • Waterproof performance: Up to 1m depth (10 minutes), as for JISB7261 (ISO9022-8) test with an estimated 7 IPX (10 minutes).
  • Case and strap included
WATER PROOFNitrogen filled and waterproof ( JIS Class 6 ) ensures no fogging in even the worst weather conditions.
PULL OUT DIOPTEREmploying a pull out lock mechanism, any diopter ring adjustments will securely stay in place.
POLYCARBONATE RESIN BODYExtremely durable and lightweight, the glass fiber reinforced, polycarbonate body is wrapped in a highly impact resistant rubber exterior.
FULL MULTI-COATFully multi-coated lenses for maximum light transmission and brightness. Only the highest-quality binoculars are multi-coated on all glass-to-air surfaces.
ultraVIEW EX OP 10X32W DH II

Roof prism
Compared to porro prism, roof prism binoculars offer a high optical performance with the advantage of a more simple and comfortable style in the body.
The roof-shaped double prisms system reflects the light and turns the image the right way up by letting the light in on a straight path directly from the object lenses to the eyepiece lenses.
It allows that compact and lightweight design required by those who enjoy spending long time at outdoor events or activities surrounded by nature.

Porro vs Roof.png

The advantages of a wide view
When using a pair of binoculars, the widest field of view is the most the binoculars can showcase of what you are looking at.
In few words, it makes so much easier to find objects, especially moving ones.
That is why we provided this model with a higher FOV: so that you won’t miss even the smaller bird, or the faster movement.
Also, if your destination is an open area, usually a higher magnification will be preferable over a wide field of view, but we decided not to compromise with this both wide and 10x42 pair of binoculars!

Full multi coating
All the lens and prisms’ surfaces are multi-coated with a multiple layer coating film to drastically reduce light loss. The implied advantage is you are guaranteed with maximum light transmission and brightness needed in outdoor activities like sport events, outdoor trips and, of course, birdwatching.

Ultraview EX full multi-coating.JPG

Center focus
Even the large center focus ring perfectly matches the compactness and comfort characterizing this binoculars series. In a very easy and convenient way, you can rapidly adjust both the left and right eyepiece focuses at the same time by just rotating the focus ring in the center. A necessary skill for high quality birdwatching binoculars.

Ultraview EX  - center focus.jpg

Waterproof and shock resistant
Comfort means very little without effectiveness. That’s why these binoculars have been provided with a water proof design that prevents water to get inside the lens barrel even if accidentally dampen by rain or snow. Its waterproof, durable die-cast aluminum body represents a very reliable choice for those customers who particularly want to enjoy the highest grade of outdoor watching and birdwatching experience.

UltraView 10x32DH II in Waterproof and Shock resistant.JPG

Twist-up eyecup
The cherry on the cake about comfort and effectiveness is Kenko binoculars twist-up eyecups that makes observation comfortable even for people wearing glasses.

Twist-up eyecups.JPG

Prism Type Roof
Magnification 10x
Objective lens diameter 32mm/ 1.2 in
Coating Full Multi-coating
FOV ( Field of View) 6.5° (Wide)
Apparent FOV 65°
FOV at 1000m 113.5m
Exit pupil diameter 3.2mm / 0.1 in
Brightness 10.2
Eye relief 14.8mm / 0.6 in
Shortest focus distance 2.5 m / 8.2 ft
Weight 470g /1.03 lbs
Size 138x52x127.3mm / 5.4x2.04x5.0in
Eco glass Yes
Waterproof Yes
JAN code 4961607002896

Kenko ultraVIEW EX 10x32 binoculars review

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