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img:CP+ 2017 @ Yokohama, Japan - Kenko Tokina Photo Report
Mar 9, 2017

CP+ 2017 @ Yokohama, Japan - Kenko Tokina Photo Report

CP+2017@Yokohama, Japan Photo Report from Kenko Tokina BoothsGeneral Zone #G-08 and Telescope Zone #T-05 On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Kenko Company foundation and according to a long tradition, Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. took part to the Annual Asian Photo and Imaging Show CP+2017, held in Pacifico Yokohama center from the 23 th to the 26th of February 2017. CP+ is the biggest photo and imaging show in Asia, an exhibition whose concept is to share with users the “Excitement of Shooting, Viewing and Connecting”, by disseminating the latest information on the state-of-art products and technologies from Japan to all over the world.Its concept is on the same wavelength of our vision, that is to provide not simply high quality optical products, but also ways to express yourself and enjoy your passion in your life.Keeping this in mind, both Kenko Tokina booths have been conceived to offer all products categories, starting from brand new items and including all kind of accessories.Therefore, we hope you enjoyed the exhibition, and we hope you will enjoy another trip to our booths with this photo report! -Kenko Tokina Main Booth – Overview-   The central part of Kenko Tokina General Zone booth was dedicated to the new premium Tokina lens series and its first model: the new Tokina Firin 20mm F2 FE MF. -Tokina Lenses Display- -Tokina Lenses Line Up-  -Close-up on Tokina Firin 20mm F2 FE MF- Other interesting new items followed alongside. Kenko Teleplus series is enriched with the so much-anticipated Kenko Teleplus HD 2x DGX and HD 1.4x DGX for Nikon AF-S (G/E) ... Kenko Teleplus HD 2x DGX for Nikon AF-S (G/E) Kenko Teleplus HD 1.4x DGX for Nikon AF-S (G/E) …along with the prototype of Kenko PRO HD 1.4x and Kenko HD PRO 2x, that will be available in late 2017.   Kenko Teleplus HD PRO 2x for Canon mount   Kenko Teleplus HD PRO 1.4x for Canon mount As well as for a wide range of Mount Adapters designed to use contemporary mirrorless cameras with old lenses. Among these a new face appeared, as Kenko presented the new Mount Adapter for Nikon F mount lenses. New Mount Adapter for Nikon F lenses to fit Sony E mirrorless cameras -Kenko Mount Adapter full series display- The Extension Tube series, both in the double and in the 3 rings set version, followed on … -Kenko Extension Tube sets...

img:Gift Show 2017 @ Tokyo Big Sight
Feb 18, 2017

Gift Show 2017 @ Tokyo Big Sight

Photo Report from Kenko Tokina Booth – East Hall #2 One of the biggest and most known events that takes place in Tokyo twice a year, with visitors coming from all over the world, is the annual “Gift Show” exhibition. Held in Tokyo Big Sight building, the biggest convention center in the Japanese capital, “Gift Show” represents the wonderland of gift ideas, when you really can’t help to be spoiled of choice. Kenko Tokina usually takes part in this event in February, and as for the previous editions, we would like to show you around through our booth with this photo report. Please, enjoy! Kenko Tokina Booth entrance – East Hall #2 As you enter the central part, you can sense the 2017 theme of the booth as “Education”, with a series of telescopes and star observation items featuring “Doraemon”, a very popular character among kids – and adults, too. The external left and right wings are dedicated to education as well, with great attention to nature. On the left side, a series of binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glasses and telescope designed to be a very smart gift to attract and inspire kids to nature and science. On the right side, a series of telescopes and binoculars ft. “The National Geographic” has the purpose of inspiring people to take care about our own planet. Following the tour inside the booth, the optical products corner for 2017 offers a variety of colorful binoculars, different in shape and size according to customer needs: a perfect gift for children or friends. In this smart phone era, a corner dedicated to the mobile category cannot miss, and shows one of the most popular items nowadays: the Real Pro Clip lenses. These versatile lenses, by increasing the possibilities of smart phones and other devices, allow shooting anytime 7x magnified, macro, super wide or fisheye pictures. Portable accessories as small tripods and the like for best performances in every situation were also included in the booth. The next corner features another important item among optical goods, that is magnifying glasses. Despite its simplicity, this item as well can be designed and developed to meet different needs in the most different situations, and that is exactly what Kenko aim to pursue. The corner shows different kinds of magnifying glasses, from pocket once to magnifying glasses provided with LED lights or a magnifying small bead for a double magnification...

img:Photokina 2016 Photo Report
Oct 19, 2016

Photokina 2016 Photo Report

Photokina 2016 is over, meetings and presentations are done. We hope that Photokina was a fruitful event for manufacturers, sales companies and was an exciting show for consumers. For those who had no chance to be at Photokina 2016 and visit Kenko Tokina booth, we prepared this photo report. Please, take a look, feel the atmosphere of the show and find out what our message to the world was. At Photokina 2016 we presented a unique booth based on the concept of an atelier where one creative person creates his masterpieces using our products. The booth was made in a very simple but attractive way in black and white colors mixed with concrete walls featuring the results of the creative activity rather than displaying the products itself. That is why you could find a lot of photos that were made by our products - filters and lenses. The most highlighted and most crowded area was the Tokina lens zone with the new Tokina FÍRIN 20mm F2 lens and Kenko accessories like Teleplus, Extension tube sets and light and color meters. This time we revealed New Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 1.4x, 2x for Nikon AF mount and New Kenko Extension tube set for Sony E-mount full frame cameras. At Photokina 2016 we presented for the first time a new range of Kenko Mount adapters. Following the trend of using old manual lenses with modern contemporary DSLR or mirrorless cameras it is our pleasure to provide the possibility to attach to the camera some old optics that are not supposed to be used at all. We hope that with our Japan made quality and precise manufacturing it would be considered as one of the favorite and most important accessories in the creative photographer’s camera bag. Kenko filters area was created in a way of a “filter museum” that consisted of separate panels with photo, description and product displayed in an acrylic show case. This way of presenting filters gives a chance for visitor to have a chat or discussion about the effect that can be achieved using this or that filter and also the way this effect was achieved. Photos were printed on Lambda printing with author’s data on a separate plate like in real museum. Kenko traditionally presents optical products featured by Kenko binoculars and lens (MILTOL Optical System). Kenko is the only manufacturer that manufactures and sells binoculars inside one...

img:Gift Show Spring 2015 (February 4 - 6, 2015)
Feb 16, 2015

Gift Show Spring 2015 (February 4 - 6, 2015)

Photo report from Kenko Tokina Company booth. This is a brief photo report from Gift Show that was held in February at Big Sight (Tokyo, Japan). Gift Show takes place 2 times in a year been divided into Autumn and Spring events. Kenko Tokina traditionally participated in Gift Show 2015 and presented high-light products in gift/present category, that we are going to show you here.  The front view of Kenko Tokina booth as you enter the East Hall #2. The VIP space of the booth is dedicated to new Kenko pure made in Japan loupe series. High quality glass and lightweight frame with old Japanese ornament design attracted a lot of people. The other side of the exhibition board features big size loupe and magnifiers.  An example of perfect collaboration of optics and fashion. Kenko mobile category takes the center of the booth and it is not occasionaly.  Mobile corner was crowded thanks to wide variety of smart phone accessories including:Popular Gizmon iPhone case. Gizmon flash and smart clips with effect filters and conversion lenses.Clip stands for smart phones.Glass protectors for smart phones.Optics corner is presented with different models of binoculars that would be perfect for gift to a friend and children. Don't you know that Kenko supplies different health and beauty goods? Here are some products that will support your health condition.Kenko supporters. Kenko air cleaner "Virus catcher" with anti-bacteriological filter. This is important thing in house-keeping - Kenko Snake Camera. Thanks to a long and flexible optical fiber cable you can check car engine room or water supply communications in the house.The last corner is Kenko animation characters design batteries. Thank you for watching this photo report!  Watch the video what Kenko Tokina offers at Gift Show 2015!...