Smartphone photography with REAL PRO Clip Lens Macro&Wide120°- Impressions by Shizuyo Saito

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Smartphone photography with REAL PRO Clip Lens Macro&Wide120°- Impressions by Shizuyo Saito

Mar 10, 2018

Hello everyone!

My name is Shizuyo Saito and in this review I would like to share with you my impressions about experiencing smartphone photography with REAL PRO Clip Lens Macro&Wide 120°.

Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens Macro&Wide 120° comes in a 2-lens structure of combinable and detachable macro and wide lenses.

Clip Lens.jpeg

So if for example you fancy shooting macro, you can screw out the external wide lens and shoot with only the macro lens on.

Usually, when shooting with standard smartphone built-in camera lenses, the closest you can get is around 10cm.
With this macro clip lens on, though it may slightly differ depending on your smartphone model, you can get up to 1.5cm close to your shooting subject.

This time, I used this macro clip lens to shoot some flower arrangements I bought for my apartment.

Flowers large.jpeg

When I tried to get closer to that rose and daisy right in the center of the flower pot, this is what I got with this macro clip lens.

Flowers normal.jpegFlowers close up.jpegFlowers detail.jpeg

All the shots were taken indoors, in the evening, under a fluorescent light and in no special shooting environment.
Indoor shooting can always be fun even if it’s raining or snowing outside. And the daylight rays entering the room from the window will provide enough light.

As my personal hint, if you like buying and shooting flowers, I would recommend to take your shots within the same day you bought the flowers. Otherwise, those parts of the flowers that started withering over time will show up in your close-ups.

You can try with any flower, from those you usually buy for yourself, to a given bunch of flowers or spontaneous flowers in the neighborhood...all of them will give you the chance to challenge your smartphone shots with this macro clip lens.

When preparing your equipment for macro photography with DLSR or mirroless cameras, you may feel intimidated by the “arsenal” of necessary gears. On the contrary, by clipping this macro clip lens on your smarthpone, macro shoots will be easy, quick and as much impressive as the pictures I showed you above.

In addition, even with both the macro and wide lenses installed, the total weight of a clip lens will be only about 6g! Pretty convenient to be carried on, isn’t it?

Only one advice, though.
As said before, with this macro clip lens you can get close up to 1.5cm to your subject. So, when your subject is some delicious food, just make sure you won’t dip the lens into it and dirty it, ok?

Shizuyo Saito

Born in Tokyo, Shizuyo Saito graduated from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in Spanish language. After working as a SE and secretary, and after working as an employ in some studios and professional laboratories in the city, she started her own independent activities. She took various commemorative photos for more than 10,000 people, and shot various subjects, from people to landscapes. Currently she is active as a private lecturer for business enterprisers, travel agencies, etc. She is also a certified photo instructor and member of the Japan Photography Association.