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img:Gift Show 2018 @ Tokyo Big Sight 7th - 9th February
Feb 14, 2018

Gift Show 2018 @ Tokyo Big Sight 7th - 9th February

As a consolidated tradition, this year as well Kenko Tokina took part in the Tokyo Gift Show exhibition, one of the most famous events in the gift product industry that every year draws visitors from all over the world.Held in Tokyo Big Sight building, the biggest convention center in the Japanese capital, the Gift Show represents the wonderland of gift ideas, when you really can’t help to be spoiled of choice.Kenko Tokina took part in this event on the 7th-9th of February and, as for the previous editions, we would like to show you around through our booth with this photo report.Please, enjoy! Kenko Tokina Booth entrance – East Hall #5 One of the main protagonists of our booth was one of our most popular product nowadays and most suitable gift for smartphones and photography lovers: Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lenses. New entry in the line-up, Kenko Double Super Lens KIT and prototypes for a 4K HD 0.6x wide angle lens and a 4K HD 2x tele lens that promise to be a must have for any smartphone photo and cinematographer. Speaking of news, a central section of the booth was dedicated to Kenko VcSmart binoculars, the smallest pair of binoculars with Vibration Control technology. The binoculars corner continued with a wide range of the most “gift suitable” binoculars series. Ceres series Ultraview M series MIYABI series Mirage series Pliant series Particular care has been given to innovation with a double corner dedicated to LUME CUBE and Beast Grip. Another corner was dedicated to science and education, both for children and grown-ups. Kenko Doļ½„Nature STV-120M And, among the several gift suitable optical goods we couldn’t forget our versatile magnifying glasses. Last, but not least, two different corners hosted two special collaborations: a series of educational optical goods featuring the famous and beloved character DORAEMON and a series of binoculars for nature lovers featuring NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. That’s all from Gift Show 2018. We hope you enjoyed this photo report and look forward to meeting you next year!...

img:Shooting horse races with Teleplus HD by Okada Yuki
Feb 5, 2018

Shooting horse races with Teleplus HD by Okada Yuki

Kenko Teleplus HD (referred to hereafter as Teleplus HD) is a tele converter that, when installed between the camera body and a master lens, will expand the lens’ focal length.Teleplus HD series comes in two magnifications, the 1.4x and the 2.0x. When installed, it can multiply the focal length of your lens by 1.4x or 2x respectively. Also, as compensation for the expanded focal length, the aperture value will get 1 stop darker with a 1.4x Teleplus, and 2 stops with a 2.0x Teleplus.It is true that other manufacturers’ genuine tele converters already exist on the market, but usually most of them can be installed on expensive super tele lenses only.This time, the reason why I became interested in and particularly attracted by Kenko Teleplus tele converters is their strong merit of being attachable to almost any lens.By the way, for Canon users, when installed on a EF-S lens Telepluses make it possible to use full frame cameras, therefore playing the role, so to speak, of a converter from EF to EF-S format. My occupation brings me sometime to shoot at horse races, and the equipment I usually bring in such places consists basically of a Nikon D5 camera and a Nikkor 400mm/F2.8 fixed lens. This time I opted for a Nikon D500 sub camera in set with the Nikkor 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6 lens of the so-called “Double Zoom Kit”, and got interested in what kind of shots I could make when combining them with a Teleplus HD. So I went there as if for any usual shooting session and tested the power of the Teleplus when shooting at horse races. The setting for this test was a horse race, shot from twilight to night-time: though it can’t be said I had great expectations due to these strict shooting conditions, my bad expectations were betrayed by some good results I’m going to show you in this review. First, I would like you to look at the below pictures. Equipment used: Nikon D500Nikkor 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6With Teleplus HD 2.0x Equipment used:Nikon D500Nikkor 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6With Teleplus HD 2.0x These two pictures were taken using my beloved D500 camera with a 55-200 f/4.5-5.6 lens and the 2.0x Teleplus. Here, the angle of view got equivalent to 600mm, the aperture value at F5.6 lost two stops turning into F11 and, therefore, the AF didn’t work (AF operations are possible from 5.6 or larger aperture). But in...

img:Enjoying Macro Photography with Tele Lenses and Digital Extension Tube - Review By Kunimasa Hiroshi
Feb 5, 2018

Enjoying Macro Photography with Tele Lenses and Digital Extension Tube - Review By Kunimasa Hiroshi

"Waking up" "Awaken to the dazzling sunlight" – Shot with Tokina AT-X M100 PRO D Are you enjoying macro shooting? The spring season with its vivid and colorful flowers is approaching, and will be a great chance to challenge yourself with some macro shots. Speaking of, I’m sure you’ve faced the situation of trying shooting at flowers or plants that are a bit too out of reach. Botanical gardens are full of fences that make good spots unreachable, and that little flower you are resolute to shoot at is too high on a branch to be caught with your lens. Even if you try shooting as close as possible with a macro lens, you won’t shoot big enough to make the main protagonist of your composition standing out, and the surroundings will be confused and blurred anyway. In such a situation you may think it’s a great idea to replace your macro lens with a tele photo lens and that’s it! You will shoot bigger for sure! But you’ll soon find out that if you try looking through the viewfinder as you would with a macro lens, you won’t be able to bring the subject into focus!Right, that’s because, compared to macro lenses, tele lenses have a shortest focusing distance considerably much longer. Most of these lenses are around 1.5m, though there are some of 1m. So, getting closer and trying shooting as if with a macro lens will be quite difficult. You then try stepping back little by little until the subject gets in focus. You check it and…yes, it’s still in focus! You may think you finally did it, but the truth is that, compared to when using a macro lens, in some situations if you move too much backward your subject will appear quite small on your final image.You expressively used a tele lens to shoot bigger, but that’s all you get. It’s such a killer, indeed. But it’s too early to give up!It’s now time to take out that Digital Extension Tube that’s being hidden in your bag. For those who may not remember how it works, a Digital Extension Tube is a ring element without optics that, by simply installing it between the camera and the lens, can reduce the shortest focusing distance of your lens, thus allowing to shoot closer to your target object.Of course you can install it on your tele lens, too,...