My Experience with Kenko REAL PRO Clip lenses - by Mike Gorliak

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My Experience with Kenko REAL PRO Clip lenses - by Mike Gorliak

Sep 13, 2017


My experience with Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lenses

We usually do not use our smartphones to their full extent, as we end up using just the simple camera functions everyone knows. But if you try searching on the Internet, you’ll figure out that nowadays the most popular way of taking photos is shooting with smartphones. It is quite understandable - after all, smartphone cameras have become quite good in recent years. Also, the correct operation of a semiprofessional camera can be much more complicated for beginners than a quick shot with a smartphone camera.

As a professional photographer, at the beginning I found rather difficult to face the limitations of a smartphone camera but, after all, I know how to use my camera to get certain pictures.

Then I was amazed by Kenko REAL PRO clip lenses, and the more I use these lenses the most I like them.



Shot with Kenko REAL PRO CLIP LENS Fish-Eye 180°

Smartphones are equipped with a built-in camera and lens, and usually these lenses are supposed to have at least adequate specifications to let you take, under good shooting and lighting conditions, pictures of several genres, especially like flat-lay photos taken right up from a 90°position, or snaps and landscape pictures.
In portraits you have to break your head, especially if the photos are to be more than a selfy.
As it eventually turns out, smartphone cameras will not be able to replace mirror-reflex or mirrorless cameras for the time being.

But at the very least, there are really good alternatives for making smartphone pictures more interesting an also from completely different perspectives like in macro photography, as you can see here:

20170805_154523_017.jpg 20170805_154645_014.jpg 20170805_155121_002.jpg

Shot with Kenko REAL PRO Macro 0.65x

I have been a professional photographer for ten years and I know how beautiful the photography with a professional camera is – but even with only half of the equipment can be damn hard!
If you are going to spend "only" one or two hours on a shooting session, you can still handle it.
But then imagine the case you are going somewhere out on a journey with your family, and you want to bring of course your camera equipment with you, but there are also a lot of other necessities to fill up your backpack with, and you will inevitably get annoyed because there won’t be enough space for everything!


Shot with Kenko REAL PRO Super Wide 165°

So, few weeks ago I had come up with Kenko REAL PRO clip lenses for smartphones. I put my concerns aside and I turned myself more and more into a smartphone photographer with these little fellows. I mean, why not?!
I own a Samsung S6. This smartphone is not one of those super high-tech devices now on the market, but thanks to its stabilization system, the built-in camera and the Kenko REAL PRO clip lenses, I had managed to take pretty cool and interesting smartphone photos.

The supplied clip lenses I tested are:
- Kenko REAL PRO clip lens Super Wide 165°
- Kenko REAL PRO clip lens Fish Eye 180°
- Kenko REAL PRO clip lens Wide&Macro 120° (a set of two lenses you can combine together by simply screwing one on the other).


Carrying my professional camera heavy equipment can be very hard, but now I can leave it more often at home without losing the chance to take good photos. These clip lenses won’t take any space in your bag or pocket and can be easily brought with you.
Also, their processing is very good and, contrary to some competitors on the market producing similar products, Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lenses are qualitatively better (as I had already experienced by testing them at Photokina 2016).

Now for the pros and cons:

- Kenko REAL PRO clip lenses are lightweight and compact.
- They are very easy to carry with you anytime. If you need them quickly, you can attach them to your belt or to your pocket with their included chain, and have them always ready to be used.
- High-quality processing, high-quality materials and attention to details, such as no sharp edges or corners that would scratch your smartphone camera lens’ surface.
- Housing made of metal, which will extend the product’s life time.
- Variety of possible uses. These smartphone clip lenses can be used with laptops and tablets as well, or even to extend the angle of a webcam, which I honestly find very handy.
- Interchangeability between the lenses and the clip itself, which personally gave me the possibility to carry only one clip body and simply change the necessary lens I want to use in a particular moment.
- Protection caps. As on conventional lenses, for both sides there are protective caps, which I find great.
- Wide range of clip lens models to choose from.

- Centering. The lenses have to be centered exactly in the middle, otherwise you have blurred edges on the picture which, no need to say, do not look good.
- Caps no easy to be peeled off. Can be considered as a further protection, but sometimes annoying.
So, Kenko REAL PRO clip lenses are definitely worth a try. Have fun with it... but I’m sure you will have!

Mike Gorliak


Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens Super Wide 165°

20170803_164826.jpg 20170803_171857.jpg 20170806_141306_007.jpg
20170809_152155.jpg 20170803_172706.jpg

Kenko REAL PRO clip lens Fish Eye 180°

20170804_134500.jpg 20170806_115912.jpg

Kenko REAL PRO clip lens Wide&Macro 120°

Macro 0.65x

20170802_185945_008.jpg 20170806_183001.jpg 20170802_191105_023.jpg
20170803_175927_016.jpg 20170803_174951_030.jpg 20170805_154326_023.jpg


20170806_131654.jpg 20170803_172706.jpg

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