CP+ 2017 @ Yokohama, Japan - Kenko Tokina Photo Report

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CP+ 2017 @ Yokohama, Japan - Kenko Tokina Photo Report

Mar 9, 2017

CP+2017@Yokohama, Japan

Photo Report from Kenko Tokina Booths
General Zone #G-08 and Telescope Zone #T-05

On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Kenko Company foundation and according to a long tradition, Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. took part to the Annual Asian Photo and Imaging Show CP+2017, held in Pacifico Yokohama center from the 23 th to the 26th of February 2017.

CP+ is the biggest photo and imaging show in Asia, an exhibition whose concept is to share with users the “Excitement of Shooting, Viewing and Connecting”, by disseminating the latest information on the state-of-art products and technologies from Japan to all over the world.
Its concept is on the same wavelength of our vision, that is to provide not simply high quality optical products, but also ways to express yourself and enjoy your passion in your life.
Keeping this in mind, both Kenko Tokina booths have been conceived to offer all products categories, starting from brand new items and including all kind of accessories.
Therefore, we hope you enjoyed the exhibition, and we hope you will enjoy another trip to our booths with this photo report!

-Kenko Tokina Main Booth – Overview-


The central part of Kenko Tokina General Zone booth was dedicated to the new premium Tokina lens series and its first model: the new Tokina Firin 20mm F2 FE MF.

-Tokina Lenses Display-


-Tokina Lenses Line Up- 


-Close-up on Tokina Firin 20mm F2 FE MF-

Firin close up 2 cut.jpgFirin close up 1.jpg

Other interesting new items followed alongside. Kenko Teleplus series is enriched with the so much-anticipated Kenko Teleplus HD 2x DGX and HD 1.4x DGX for Nikon AF-S (G/E) ...

Teleplus 2x cut.jpg

Kenko Teleplus HD 2x DGX for Nikon AF-S (G/E)

Teleplus 1.4x cut.jpg

Kenko Teleplus HD 1.4x DGX for Nikon AF-S (G/E)

…along with the prototype of Kenko PRO HD 1.4x and Kenko HD PRO 2x, that will be available in late 2017.


DSC_0107 (3)-0.jpgKenko Teleplus HD PRO 2x for Canon mount


DSC_0107 (3)-1.jpgKenko Teleplus HD PRO 1.4x for Canon mount

As well as for a wide range of Mount Adapters designed to use contemporary mirrorless cameras with old lenses. Among these a new face appeared, as Kenko presented the new Mount Adapter for Nikon F mount lenses.

Nikon F Mount adapter.jpg

New Mount Adapter for Nikon F lenses to fit Sony E mirrorless cameras

-Kenko Mount Adapter full series display-

Mount Adapter 1.jpgMount Adapter 2.jpg

The Extension Tube series, both in the double and in the 3 rings set version, followed on …

-Kenko Extension Tube sets display-

DSC_0117.jpgExtention Tube cut.jpg

…and the corner was completed with Kenko Flash Meters and Kenko Color Meter, two indispensable allies to select the best exposure values during your shooting sections.

Light and Color Meters.jpg

The right wing hosted some very popular items that, nowadays, really cannot miss in such an exhibition.
In this “Smartphone Accessories” corner, you could find the now well-known Real Pro Clip Lenses (4 types: fisheye, super wide, wide&macro, 7x Tele)

DSC_0104.jpgDSC_0105.jpgKenko Real Pro Clip Lens 7x Tele

Along with the presentation of two new prototypes for 4K shooting that will join the series this year.

Clip Lens New.jpg

Stepping back, all the left wing of Kenko Tokina General Zone was dedicated to an extremely wide range of filters. The front part hosted the new ZX series, based on new glass floating frame technology, presenting: protector, protector slim, ND 8 and ND16.

DSC_0045 (3).jpgKenko ZX Protector

DSC_0101 (3).jpg

Kenko ZX Protector Slim

DSC_0102 (3).jpgKenko ZX ND8 and ND 16

While the internal and external display zones offered all the filters a photographer may need in his or her career:

ND filters

-ND filters corner-

DSC_0089.jpgDSC_0090.jpgKenko ND 400 Kenko PRO ND 10000 Kenko Variable NDX

C-PL filters

-Kenko C-PL Filters Display-

DSC_0027 (2).jpgDSC_0143 (2).jpgKenko Zeta EX Circular PL Kenko Zeta WIDEBAND C-PL

Soft and Cross filters:

-Soft and Cross filters corner-

DSC_0062.jpgDSC_0064.jpgKenko Diffusion (Soft) and Warm Soft Effect series filters

-Kenko Cross filters display-

DSC_0097 (3).jpg

Close-up filters and lot more…

DSC_0041 (3).jpgSquare filters.jpgSpecial mention goes to Cokin square filters and filter holders.

DSC_0064 (3).jpgCokin EVO Filter Holder M BPEO1

Before moving to the right wing of the booth, another new item catches the eyes in the form of something really convenient for camera owners: a camera monitor protector glass branded KARITES.

DSC_0162 (2).jpgDSC_0091 (3).jpg

And before leaving the General Zone, let’s have a look at the right wing.
The protagonist of this side was SLIK brand, with a variegated display of tripods.

-Slik Tripods Corner-

DSC_0113 (3).jpg

Tripod close up.jpg

Tripod close up 2.jpg

Also, AOSTA series bags filled numerous shelves.

Aosta cut.jpgDSC_0256.jpg

Aosta bags series – LECCE model

Let’s now move towards Kenko Tokina Telescope Zone at # T-05 booth.

-Kenko Tokina Telescope Zone #T-05 Overview-


The central part displayed a colorful array of Kenko binoculars, with special podiums for some innovative items.

Colorful binoculars.jpg

Among those were Kenko UltraVIEW EX OP 10x32 DH II and Kenko UltraVIEW EX OP 8x32 DH II, the lightest models in the series, weighing respectively only 470 gr and 455 gr.

Ultraview 32 cut.jpg

Also, Ultra View EX series presented as new entries the OP 8x42 DH and OP 10x 42 DH models, characterized by a new design that make it possible to offer you a reinforced and completely waterproof plastic body with the advantage of a very light weight at the same time.

Ultra View Binoculars new.jpg

Speaking of innovation, have a look at the lightest and most compact pairs of binoculars in the world with image stabilization…


Binoculars with imaze stabilization.jpg

…or at this series of monoculars with image stabilization technology.


On the back, a never missing item in Kenko products, that is, the wide range of various Magnifying glasses.

DSC_0341.jpgDSC_0340.jpgKenko Desk Loupe

Last but not least, Kenko telescopes and accessories for real “sky explorers”.

-Kenko Sky Explorer series-

DSC_0152 (3).jpg

-Kenko New Sky Explorer Series-

DSC_0154 (3).jpgDSC_0186 (3).jpg

Compact sky tracking system Kenko SKYMEMO S


Kenko Tokina also pursues to have a direct contact with customers in order to always provide support. That’s why, in collaboration with some esteemed Japanese photographers, the booth also hosted several seminars, particularly focused on providing information and explanations regarding the newest products.


That’s all for CP+ 2017 edition, and our thanks for reading this report.
We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to see you next year!
Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy our video report, too!