Gift Show Spring 2015 (February 4 - 6, 2015)

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Gift Show Spring 2015 (February 4 - 6, 2015)

Feb 16, 2015

Photo report from Kenko Tokina Company booth.

This is a brief photo report from Gift Show that was held in February at Big Sight (Tokyo, Japan). Gift Show takes place 2 times in a year been divided into Autumn and Spring events. Kenko Tokina traditionally participated in Gift Show 2015 and presented high-light products in gift/present category, that we are going to show you here. 

The front view of Kenko Tokina booth as you enter the East Hall #2.


The VIP space of the booth is dedicated to new Kenko pure made in Japan loupe series. High quality glass and lightweight frame with old Japanese ornament design attracted a lot of people.

2.jpg 4.jpg

The other side of the exhibition board features big size loupe and magnifiers. 

7.jpg 5.jpg

An example of perfect collaboration of optics and fashion.

6.jpgKenko mobile category takes the center of the booth and it is not occasionaly. 

1a.jpg 8a.jpg

Mobile corner was crowded thanks to wide variety of smart phone accessories including:
Popular Gizmon iPhone case.7a.jpg

Gizmon flash and smart clips with effect filters and conversion lenses.9a.jpg10a.jpgClip stands for smart phones.
4a.jpgGlass protectors for smart phones.
3a.jpgOptics corner is presented with different models of binoculars that would be perfect for gift to a friend and children.

1b.jpg2b.jpg3b.jpgDon't you know that Kenko supplies different health and beauty goods? Here are some products that will support your health condition.
Kenko supporters.2c.jpg
3c.jpg 4c.jpg
Kenko air cleaner "Virus catcher" with anti-bacteriological filter.
c.jpgThis is important thing in house-keeping - Kenko Snake Camera. Thanks to a long and flexible optical fiber cable you can check car engine room or water supply communications in the house.1d.jpg2d.jpgThe last corner is Kenko animation characters design batteries. 
1q.jpg2q.jpgThank you for watching this photo report! 

Watch the video what Kenko Tokina offers at Gift Show 2015!